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in 2020, we've been to Sardinia, in all of the wonderful places below, sailing through these gorgeous waters! Want to take a sneak peek at where we've been? 

ABOUT Sardinia

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean and the most precious jewel on the beautiful Costa Smeralda. Its beaches of white sand and crystal blue water are among the most beautiful in Europe and the world.


One of the most traditional and disputed destinations for charters on the planet - mainly by luxurious superyachts - the Maddalena Islands, northeast of Sardinia and close to the French territory of Corsica, unveils unique natural wonders, and offer a luxurious structure with refined gastronomy, haute couture, and an exclusive atmosphere, a catwalk  for the European high society during the summer.


In Sardinia, we use the city of Olbia as operational base. From here we can operate a variety of routes, through the Maddalena Islands, crossing up to Corsica, or even towards northeast of the island, where we can escape the hustle and bustle to enjoy this more peaceful, but not less charming region. Olbia airport provides easy access from all major cities in Europe.


Famous for its indefectible landform, with the table-shaped peak, responsible for the island name. The trail (medium level) to the top allows an unforgettable 360º view of the Maddalenas Archipelago.


On the way down, it is worth going through the small town of Spalmatore di Terra for a well-deserved drink. The island is also famous for its diving spots, among the best in the region.


Distance: 10 NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Anchorage

Activities: Incredible Beaches, Diving and Hiking


The island of Mortorio and its neighbor Soffi are among the smallest islands in the Maddalenas Archipelago, and are completely uninhabited and preserved with a national park and marine reserve.


The view here is breathtaking, with the mountains of the Costa Smeralda shaping the scene for a peaceful anchorage among the different species of birds of the place.


Distance: 15NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, National Park and Diving


One of the largest islands in the Maddalenas, it retains its rustic charm, with very little human interference, which guarantees a wild atmosphere to these beaches of waters that cannot be clearer. The wind that blows in the Bonifacio strait grants the perfect conditions for delicious sailing.

Distance: 25NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Amazing Beaches, Diving


The main island, which lends the name to the Archipelago, is a must-see, with its coast formed by breathtaking bays and beaches, with transparent waters and preserved nature.


The port of Cala Gavetta offers a structure of restaurants and shops, although in a very relaxed and laid-back athmosphere.

Distance: 30NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Amazing Beaches, Diving, Restaurants and Nightlife


This preserved natural habitat is very rich in reddish corals, whose decomposition colors the sands of Spiaggia Rosa, or Praia Rosa.


Currently, it is a spectacle only for the eyes, since unboarding or bathing are prohibited. But the other beautiful beaches in the region, the unique diving spots, and the occasional visit of dolphins and whales in this area always make the visit worthwhile.


Distance: 35NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, Diving and Hiking


The Lavezzi Islands form a small archipelago in the Strait of Boniface, joining Sardinia and Corsica, and are a Nature Reserve in France.


Here, the wind has been sculpting the rocks into interesting shapes, forming coves with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and abundant underwater life - which gives the cue for a great dive!

Distance: 40NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Amazing Beaches, Diving


In French territory, Bonifácio is an unique city, rising amongst cliffs more than 200m high.


From here, we can go up to Torre de Sant'Amanza for an unparalleled view of the region and islands upfront, or down though King Aragon's long Staircase for a swim on the magnificent beach of La Tonnara.

Another option is to just relax and enjoy the summer atmosphere in Corsica, one of the most charming regions in the world.


Distance: 45NM

Overnight: Marina
Activities: Scenic City, Amazing Beaches and Restaurants


The colorful medieval citadel north of Sardinia was developed around its castle, built in the 11th century, which preserves its walls intact. The historic center is worth a stroll and offers spectacular views of the city.


There are several historical archaeological sites, and the beautiful beach of Punta la Capra, with its natural pools by the sea. Several festivals take place here, boosting the town vibe during summer.


Distance: 85NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Scenic City, Incredible Beaches, Historic Promenade and Nightlife


Stintino is home of arguably the most famous beach in Italy, the unique La Pelosa, which, along with its smaller sister La Pelosetta, feature waters of rarely found transparency, even for Sardinia.


After a world-class dive, the small village, with 1,500 inhabitants, invites you for a relaxing walk or a delicious seafood meal in one of its charming restaurants.


Distance: 90NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, Restaurants and Diving


Worldwide known for its colossal cliffs, gigantic walls that rise from waterline to reach 300m high, it also has numerous caves that can be visited, the most famous being Neptune's Grotto, with a saltwater lake in its interior. 


Capo Caccia is an unparalleled place and a view not to be missed.

Distance: 120NM (from Olbia)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Amazing Beaches, Caves, Trail

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