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For some time we felt like the Saturdays were taking too long to arrive. Even before we met, each of us was already willing to rethink the way we were living, and look for new winds. From the day we met, all this dream adjusted itself, and a calm wind started blowing on our future sails.

And it was like this that we left our life in São Paulo, our careers and business shoes, and boarded our semi-sabbatical project, dreaming not only to cruise the world in a sailboat but also make a business out of it. After all, why not making a job out of what we like to do the most when on holidays? And even more, offering to share this dream with many other dreamers that, like us, would like to live where it is always Saturday, and it is possible to live a perfect day, every day?

This is our manifest: for more Saturdays! To us, to our friends, and to whoever else wants it. to be like this. Here's to adventurous Saturdays, lazy Saturdays, exciting, relaxing, thrilling ones - to every kind of Saturday. One after another, each one different, each one better.

For a Saturday every single day.


Saba is our sailboat, our vision, our expression of the perfect Saturday. Brave, modern, versatile and beautiful. Handpicked for our dream and designed with care to provide complete freedom for us and our guests. Providing comfort anytime, anywhere, equipped with power generator, water maker, air conditioning and 3 cabins with everything we need for perfect days.


Our purpose is to receive our guests in exclusive groups to sail away with us, in a tailor-made experience to please each guest party, in order to provide the perfect day, everyday. Based on the characteristics of each group, their favorite activities and gastronomic desires, we define together a holiday schedule that fits within the particular expectations and preferences of each exclusive group: where to go, what to do, which menu and activities they prefer. Therefore, it is the guest's task to just enjoy this dolce vita without having to worry about anything else, except to decide between inaccessible islands, magnificent dives, barbecue on a desert beach, kayaking tours or electric bikes, or just relax watching the sunset at the bow hammock.



When the hunger strikes, we make sure that our menu brings everything that our guests have previously chosen. Our fridge is alway stocked with delights our party craves the most, and no one is left unnatended with our open bar system. Our boat provides Wi-Fi technology, which operates using the latest technologies for communication at sea. The activities are numerous: scuba dive, snorkel, a 2-person kayak, 2 bikes, fishing trips, spearfishing ... whew! And, rest assured, in the event of any unlikely problem, Saba is safely equipped with communication and safety systems according to all international standards. Our crew is trained on international maritime safety standards (STCW and EFR / First Aid), and has all emergency equipment on board.



We have two spacious cabins to host up to 4 guests with all the desired comfort, as few sailboats can offer anywhere in the world, to provide our guests a tailor-made itinerary to make a perfect day, every day.


Our adventures this season concentrate around the Mediterranean, with itineraries in Sardinia and Croatia. We will sail around here during 2020 season, enjoying our Saturdays, and ready to host our guests and friends. And who knows where the winds will take us next? There are so many possibilities, it is impossible to decide. Not on a Saturday like this!