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Why is my name saba?

Who wouldn't want to live a sabbatical, which would be nothing more than living on an eternal Saturday, as long as they want? Well, that's how this project came about. Because my captains Fernando and Carol believe in a life where there are more Saturdays per year. And so, I was affectionately named in honor of our favorite day: Saba.

The Sailing Saba project seeks to allow to anyone who gets on board this same feeling: living every day on a perfect Saturday, even if it is only Monday.

Saba ancorado_SailingSaba.JPG

I was born in Germany, in Bavaria shipyards. I measure 47 feet, or 14.5 meters long, by 4.39 m of a maximum beam (the width). I weigh about 12.5 tons when I'm loaded. This makes me quite robust for a monohull sailboat!


My engine is a 75 hp Volvo Penta diesel, which is a lot of power even for my size,  which guarantees meto reach 8 knots speed when on engines. But when I spread open my 100m2 of white sails, that is where I stand out, being able to easily surpass 10 knots on good windy days!

To keep me on track, I rely on a modern and complete navigation system, which includes Radar Raymarine, GPS systems, AIS, satellite internet, VHF radio, and also EPIRB system. With all this, there is no place on the planet where I am left out of communication. I can even have my position tracked in real-time over the internet!


To ensure the comfort here, I also have my tricks: fuel and wind generators for electricity, solar panels and water maker. This ensures that I am self-sustainable in terms of water and energy, so there is no such thing as skipping the shower because there's no water! We can stay at sea for as many days as we want for our adventures. And without sweating during sleep: my air conditioning system guarantees a cool dreamy night.


My cabins are large and spacious. In addition to the bow cabin and bathroom that are used by my captains, my guests have 2 aft cabins, each one with a queen-size bed, 220v outlets, courtesy lighting, electric fans, closet, and armchair. A comfortable bathroom with a spacious shower serves the two cabins exclusively. In the living room, large sofas spread aroud the 8-person dining table.


Our multimedia system features a 12 ”subwoofer if we want to turn the volume up and throw a party! The kitchen is complete with everything we normally have at home. Oh, the delicious dishes that are served from here... you have to taste it! And thanks to my wi-fi system, we have free unlimited internet even when at miles from the coast.

When the sun is up it's time to enjoy! In addition to the spacious cockpit that seats up to 8 people at the table, I have lounge mattresses in the forward solarium for sunbathing. To take us to the beach, my youngest brother, the Happy Hour dinghy, has 2.7m, a rigid bottom, a Honda engine of 10hp, and holds 4 people per trip, plus the entire structure to enjoy a lot in the sand.

I also bring a kayak for two, two bicycles, fishing equipment, snorkel and spearfishing, and several toys for us to enjoy in the water or on land. And if the location allows it, my captain operates delicious dives from the spacious stern.

And, of course, I have all the security features to make sure everything goes smoothly like on a sunny Saturday. Let your Saturday be as you want it to be!


How about knowing in detail my technical characteristics and all my equipment? Click below and stay on top of these and other aspects.