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We are one of the few sailboats that operate scuba diving on board. Fernando is an OWSI PADI Instructor, so we can offer diving trips for all experience levels, in addition to Basic or Advanced courses, with PADI certification valid worldwide.
No turmoil, no crowding, and the diving spots just for us! Too much fun, right?
First time underwater? No problem! A Discover Scuba Diving can take you to discover underwater wonders in a complete safe and free environment.
Check out our product list:

As many dives as you want, on the days you prefer
We will define the dive spots together, based on your experience and interests

1 day package (2 dives) or multiple plans (6 dives)

Cylinders and ballast included

Basic PADI course

Dive anywhere in the world up to 18M deep

PADI teaching material included

Presential classes (during the trip) or online (eLearning for you to study before you arrive)
2 Instruction dives (sheltered waters)
4 Training dives (open water)
Written Exam

International PADI Open Water Diver certification

Duration: 3 days


Includes 2 mandatory adventures (deep diving and underwater navigation), plus 3 adventures to choose from *

* Adventures: Night Dive, Drift Dive, Peek Performance Buoyancy, Shipwreck (subject to availability of shipwrecks on site), Search and Recovery


PADI teaching material included

Presential classes (during the trip) or online (eLearning for you to study before you arrive)
5 Adventure Dives
International PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification

Duration: 2 days


Don't want to take any courses, but want to have the experience of diving? This PADI program takes you to discover the local underwater world in one day, with complete safety and lots of fun.


Our packages include cylinders and ballast

Necessary equipment: Mask, snorkel, fins, vest, regulator, and wetsuit

Feel free to bring your equipment! (please pay attention to the luggage limits)
If you prefer, we can arrange local rental at an extra cost

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