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From July to September,  we'll be in Greece, enjoying everything it has to offer! Why don't you join us for a season aboard Saba?


Known as the cradle of modern civilization, Greece is one of the most desired tourist destinations on Earth. And discovering its wonders on a sailboat is a truly unique experience. Here we sail through the myths and tales of legendary Ionian and Aegean seas, along more than 15,000 km of coast and 2,000 islands, through the routes of gods and warriors, marveling ourselves with countless natural wonders on our way.


Through our Season 2021, we will explore three different itineraries, covering the main sailing destinations in Greece. Scroll down to find our suggestions for the trip of a lifetime!


Please inquire about the available alternatives on the schedule, and we will do our best to fit your reservation into the chosen destination. Or even create an all-new itinerary to cover your wishes, why not? You are the boss!


This archipelago on the west coast of Greece offers an amazing combination for our charter, featuring breathtaking islands with unique rock formation, bordered by crystal-clear waters and excellent wind conditions. Here we can find numerous anchorages, sheltered and with stunning views, connected through smooth, scenic passages, all within visual distance. That perfect scenario makes the Ionian one of the favorite sailing destinations in Greece - also for the superyachts, which prefer to navigate its less crowded waters and grant an exclusive atmosphere to the scene.


We can start our charters from the vibrating island of Corfu, on the north, or further south, from the less explored Kefalonia island. Both bases connect through direct flights to Athens, and from both, we can plan a well-balanced itinerary that combines pleasant sailing passages with a lot of time to spare on beaches and activities. This is the perfect choice to relax and enjoy with family and friends. So, let's plan your trip?


Here, at the foot of Athens, we sail the myths and wonders of the Aegean Sea, where so many important battles were fought and so much history was written. With several islands at sight distance and pleasant winds, sailing the Saronic Gulf is a remarkable experience. Anchorages here are also abundant and stunning, offering excellent shelter for us to visit the historic and archeological sites, or just relax at the pristine blue waters. Even during high season, the wide choice of destinations allow us to find a nice place to spend a quiet night enjoying the nice mediterranean weather.


Our charters here start from Athens, allowing easy and practical access. The profusion of close-by destinations allow us to create great charter itineraries, even with only a few days available. The adventure through the Saronic Gulf is a time-travel journey back to greek mythology, in a scenario worthy of the greatest Olympian gods!


In the heart of Aegean Sea lies the most famous archipelago in Greece, with its picturesque architecture of white-painted villages standing on top of high red-colored cliffs, surrounded by an intensely blue sea. These fascinating islands blossom in a wind-up atmosphere during high season, making this one of the most famous, and crowded, places in all Med. Here we will find a more intense Meltemi wind that dictates the sailing rhythm, demanding some flexibility from our schedule. But nothing to worry about! The forecast is accurate, and there are always a lot of wonderful and sheltered anchorages nearby, should we find any stronger winds. Local marine life is also abundant, creating great dive spots and allowing occasional encounters with the locals, including turtles and dolphins.


Our bases here in the Cyclades are Paros and Naxos islands, both connected through direct flights with Athens. From here we can reach around 25 islands, including the infamous Santorini with its blue-roofed marble-white city on the hill, Mykonos with its cosmopolitan, busy nightlife, Milos and its unparalleled caves and rock formations, among so many of the most beautiful spots in Greece. For those who enjoy a more intense sailing experience, willing to let the winds decide where to next, this is just the perfect choice!

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