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We will be in Croatia from May to July. How about enjoying a season with us?

Croatia, located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, is currently one of the main destinations for charters in the world. And it’s pretty obvious why. There are more than 1,200 islands and islets along its coast of turquoise water, eleven national parks, as well as countless waterfalls, caves, trails, and a delightful climate, with long days of sunshine, heat and very little rain during the season.


Add to that the medieval atmosphere of its harbours, fortifications and cities, refined gastronomy and intoxicating culture, present at every corner of its historic cities, which look like as they came out of a Game of Thrones episode - in fact, this was a location where a good part of the series was shot! With so many attractions and an unrivaled structure for sailing in the world, Croatia has been establishing itself year after year as the main destination for yachts across Europe.


In Croatia, we use two main ports, Dubrovnik and Split. We can organize your charter combining the two ports for departure and return, in the way that is most convenient for you holiday schedule:


The Pearl of the Adriatic, founded in the 7th century, is an incredible and historic city, with medieval architecture and atmosphere, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Gracefully positioned in between jaw-dropping cliffs and medieval walls, it is surrounded by some of Croatia's greatest natural beauty, including its most famous islands. This was the shooting set for “King's Landing”, in Game of Thrones. Below you will find a taste of some of our favorite destinations, to help you building your sailing itinerary!


Lokrum is a small archipelago of just 0.8 square km, where Benedictine monks built their monastery, and maintained the island as an oasis of beauty and tranquility.


One of the best views of Dubrovnik can be enjoyed from Fort Royal, built by Napoleon's army.

Distance: 5NM (from Dubrovnik)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, Historic Site
and Diving


A paradise for naturalists, protected by a national park, the region preserves its native vegetation, forming a paradise for wildlife.


In addition to the excellent anchorage, it has several trails and a beautiful lake to be discovered. A peaceful haven for a magnificent night.

Distance: 40NM (from Dubrovnik)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, National Park
and Diving


Mljet is considered one of the most seductive islands in Croatia, covered with pine woods, wineries, and small villages.


It is a national park that houses saltwater pools, with cycle paths by the crystal clear watershore, in addition to the Benedictine Monastery that can be visited by kayaking.

Distance: 20NM (from Dubrovnik)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, National Park
and Restaurants


If Croatia is known for its turquoise water, this archipelago is its ultimate postcard. Destination of the royalty and millionaires, with multiple bays and excellent anchorages, Elaphiti guarantees unforgettable sunsets and peaceful nights.


The most famous island in Lopud is known for the uncanny white color of its sands.

Distance: 8NM (from Dubrovnik)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, Restaurants and Local Commerce


A mix of an island and a fortified city, with buildings and streets lined in a geometric pattern, centered on the beautiful St. Mark's Cathedral.

Cradle of the explorer Marco Polo, Korcula represents the best of Mediterranean charm, with its glamorous wineries and bars that guarantee a lively and happy atmosphere.

Distance: 80NM (from Dubrovnik)

Overnight: Marina
Activities: Scenic City, Restaurants, Nightlife
and Diving


Charming and scenic port city, at the base of a mountain, Orebic has beautiful beaches and offers several water sports.


The largest city on the Pelješac peninsula, dating from the 14th century, features the Maritime Museum and the Franciscan Monastery. Next door, the village of Trstenik is famous for its wines and cuisine.

Distance: 49NM (from Dubrovnik)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, Historic Promenade, and Restaurants


Croatia's largest coastal city, Split is the heart of Dalmatia region and known for its historic charm, bustling nightlife, delicious seafood cuisine, and the perfect Mediterranean climate, which provides a peaceful and pleasant sailing. Its geographical position makes Split the ideal base for visiting its historic cities, such as Šibenik and Trogir, or exploring its famous and popular coastal islands. Discover some of our suggestions for destinations in the Split region!


Small and charming medieval town, declared a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site.


Very busy in the season, with excellent dining and nightlife options. One of the famous scenarios where the Game of Thrones series was recorded.

Distance: 10NM (from Split)

Overnight: Marina
Activities: Scenic City, Historic Walk, Restaurants and Nightlife


This island is an oasis of untouched natural beauty, perfect for relaxing on its white sands. Necujam is the island's tourist center, and gets busy during the summer.


Its picturesque bay is home of the Masilinca village, where we can taste the fish brought in that day.


Distance: 10NM (from Split)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Scenic City, Amazing Beaches and Restaurants


A group of 21 inhabited islets on the opposite bank of the city of Hvar, with several paradisiacal beaches and excellent anchorages.


One of the most renowned diving spots in Croatia, with beautiful caves and sandy pebbled beaches, which bring all the extra charm to the region.


Distance: 20NM (from Split)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches and Diving


This is a very peaceful and relaxing little island, surrounded by natural beauty.


It has excellent restaurants spread along the waterfront as well as an uninhabited historic village.


The anchorage on this island is very protected and safe.


Distance: 35NM (from Split)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches, Historic Promenade and Restaurants


It is a remote island, accessible by an incredible sailing through turquoise waters. Perfect beaches to relax during the day and enjoy the night life after the sun goes down.


On the island opposite, Bisevo, the sea cave of Modra Spilja, or, in English, Blue Cave, is located and is an unmissable adventure!


Distance: 40NM (from Split)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Diving, Historical Tour, Restaurants and Nightlife


In the same island of Komiža, on the opposite side, lies the city of Vis, the largest Greek colony in the Adriatic.


Here is the infamous Stiniva beach, with high rocks creating a narrow sea passage. It is also worth visiting the island of Budikovac, with small and peaceful beaches of sand and crystal clear water.


Distance: 30NM (from Split)

Overnight: Anchorage
Activities: Incredible Beaches and Restaurants


One of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic, it offers several beaches perfect for swimming on its bays.

Famous for its Venetian architecture and world-class restaurants, during the night the nightclubs guarantee the party inside the medieval forts.


Distance: 90NM (from Split)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Nightlife, Restaurants and Amazing Beaches


This island is home to the unique and unrivaled Zlatni Rat beach, the most famous one in all Croatia, and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Perfect for photos and drone flights. And it's okay if it's crowded - we can set the barbecue table here at Saba's deck, anchored to this unforgettable view.


Distance: 20NM (from Split)

Overnight: Marina or Anchorage
Activities: Nightlife, Restaurants and Amazing Beaches

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